Value-added features with Azuga and OReGO

Value-added features with Azuga and OReGO

June 29, 2015 | OReGO Communications

There’s no shortage of great reasons to sign up as an OReGO pioneer starting July 1. Not only will you contribute to the upkeep of Oregon’s roads and bridges, but you may save money and time and even reduce your carbon footprint while you drive.

Our friends at Azuga are rolling out lots of fun features to help keep your car and wallet happy. You’ll even be able to challenge friends, family and other OReGO drivers to see who’s got the best skills out on the road. Sounds pretty cool, right? Here are the details on the Driver Scorecard game and other features that will be offered to participants who sign up for OReGO with Azuga:

Driver Scorecard

Azuga’s Driver Scorecard allows drivers to earn points and badges for good driving behavior. With this feature, every trip you take is rated in four categories:

  • Mileage – Shorter trips mean fewer miles out on the road, less risk and more points on your scorecard.
  • Hard Braking – Gradual braking helps you save fuel and racks up points against the competition.
  • Time of Day – Drivers get more points for driving during off-peak hours, when roads are safest. (Unless you drive after midnight, in which case you get a “pumpkin” badge.)
  • Speed – Driving at safe speeds protects you and other drivers out on the road, and safety is key to moving your way up the leaderboard.

Trip Logger

With Azuga’s Trip Logger function, you’ll be able to review details about your impact out on the road. The Trip Logger provides basic information such as time and distance, and more advanced info such as measuring your car’s carbon footprint. This information can help you better plan trips and reduce your impact on the environment.

Those are just a couple of the features Azuga will introduce on July 1. Later, they’ll roll out additional smartphone-connected apps:

Check Engine Decoder

Ever have your car’s check engine light come on and have no clue what the problem is? Azuga’s Check Engine Decoder can help. It helps you diagnose issues going on under the hood quickly and easily so your mechanic can keep your vehicle running smoothly.


This offers peace of mind that your teenager or anyone driving your car stays safe by allowing you to set up geographical zones and sending you a notification when your vehicle crosses the perimeter.

Find it Forward

Need to find the nearest gas station, store or rest area? Find it Forward is a one-touch location search and navigation tool that can help you track down nearby services.


We’ve all forgotten where we parked our car at least once. Azuga’s 2MyCar app helps guide you back to your car’s exact location using your smartphone.

Graduated Driver’s License and Expense Reporting

Easily tag your trips and generate reports. Save the hassle of filling out all that paperwork by hand!

Here’s ODOT’s Tom Fuller taking Azuga’s add-on features out for a test drive:

Those perks sound pretty swell, don’t they? Join the Interest List today and be among the first in line to enroll as an OReGO pioneer on July 1. Don’t be late — Save the date!

OReGO: Better Roads. Happy Drivers.

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