Protecting your private info with OReGO’s GPS options

Protecting your private info with OReGO’s GPS options

June 5, 2015 | OReGO Communications

If you’re like most Americans, you probably have a smart phone in your pocket or within reach right now.

And when we’re not busy trying to break our personal high score on Candy Crush, we use smart phones as a tool for communication, productivity and navigation.

Many of the smart phone functions and apps we love are powered by GPS-enabled technology that improves the accuracy of the information we need and use.

When you sign up for the OReGO program starting in July, you’ll be able to choose either of two GPS-enabled options for mileage recording. Depending on your choice, you’ll enjoy benefits that can improve the overall health of your car, keep your family safe and save you money.

In a previous blog post, we talked about the value-added services provided by Azuga’s onboard technology, and how the Verizon account option offers pay-per-mile insurance for additional cost savings. And if neither of those sounds right for you, no problem! ODOT, powered by Sanef, will offer a basic recording option that does not use GPS.

Regardless of which mileage recording option you choose, you can trust that we’re taking every precaution to ensure your personal information is safe and secure with OReGO. In fact, state officials worked with the American Civil Liberties Union to win its approval of the project’s privacy protection provisions by guaranteeing that measures are in place to protect your privacy and personal information.

  • Account managers must pass a rigorous certification process of their system architecture that confirms the security of their devices and network
  • Account managers are required to have audited security processes in place to manage security risks
  • All personally identifiable OReGO account information must be destroyed within 30 days after payment, dispute resolution, or noncompliance investigation
  • Account managers must submit weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to ODOT to monitor any anomalies and verify system security measures.

The beauty of OReGO is that it gives you several options to choose from, and who doesn’t love picking out the deal that works best for you?

Go to today to learn more about your account management options. And don’t forget to sign up on the Interest List to be one of the first in line when volunteer registration opens on July 1.

OReGO: Better roads. Happy drivers.

14 thoughts on “Protecting your private info with OReGO’s GPS options

  1. Is there a place that I can look up the full text of the privacy policy? What is mentioned above sounds good, but I would like to read the full thing.

  2. Is it possible to speak with someone about these options? I’m not as concerned about the privacy issue as I am about any charges for the use of the GPS device or installation fees.

    Thank you.

    • Michelle Godfrey
      Michelle Godfrey says:

      Hi Michael! When we start enrollment July 1, OReGO participants will be able to speak to the account managers about the options each one offers prior to enrollment, and throughout their OReGO experience. Account managers will provide customer service portals to help you out via phone or online, and ODOT will be here for you too. Until then, you can connect with us here on the forum, or email us at

      There won’t be any charges for the devices or installation. And drivers can install the devices themselves. Check out our video on installation to see how it works:

  3. Michael W Sprauer says:

    Is there a way that I might speak with someone about the GPS options? No where in the information released to date have I seen a cost mentioned. Is there an installation fee or a use fee?

    Thank you.

    • Michelle Godfrey
      Michelle Godfrey says:

      There is no cost to participate in OReGO, except for the road charge itself, which is offset by a credit of your gas tax. Participants will pay no installation fee, and there is no charge for the device.

  4. Would any of these GPS locations be available to a search warrant by any Law Enforcement or Private Investigator?

  5. Is there an option to change providers at a later date if we start out with one vendor and decide we would rather use the services of another later in the program?

  6. Hi Michelle,
    As with all apps and devices, I am concerned that they will require me to consent to give it access to my contacts and addresses and other information contained on my phone. This is your applications developers do to build there future revenue pipes and develop so called “value added” services. How are the providers of these apps compensated and do you have provisions in place to make sure we have ability to refuse to give them access to anything more than the mileage driven. Thanks!

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