Oregon’s not alone in pioneering a new, sustainable era in road funding

Oregon’s not alone in pioneering a new, sustainable era in road funding

July 29, 2015 | OReGO Communications

Did you know that per-mile road use charging programs such as OReGO are not just an Oregon phenomenon?

Half of all states in the country have at least studied per-mile charging. Our neighbors in Colorado and California are also planning their own volunteer programs.

As with any new system, there are upfront costs to get things started.

Oregon and other leading states are working to develop a system that’s easy to use and manage, at low cost. It’s important to test what best meet the needs of OReGO users. And testing helps drive out inefficiencies. This is how Oregonians helped make the nation’s first gas tax feasible in 1919. And other states quickly followed our lead.

To keep operating costs low, OReGO creates competition among our private sector service providers. Competition also helps reduce the cost of technologies while increasing capabilities.

Oregon’s initial investment will pay off over time as more users join OReGO. If OReGO’s account managers also handle regional accounts in other states, collection costs per user will drop. The more users, the lower the relative cost.

But don’t just take our word for it.

The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials says mileage-based user fees are the best solution to generate sustainable funding for roads and bridges.

It comes down to this: The longer we wait to find an alternative to the gas tax, the more revenue we lose for fixing Oregon’s roads and bridges. And we all know how much good roads matter to you and our economy.

Are you ready to join the OReGO team and help us pioneer a new and sustainable era in road funding? Sign up today to help Oregon ensure safe, reliable, and good roads for all.

OReGO: Better Roads. Happy Drivers.

One thought on “Oregon’s not alone in pioneering a new, sustainable era in road funding

  1. I appreciate the need for alternatives, I grew up paying on the turnpike so this is not a new concept. But the irony to me is that if you drive a prius our other economical vehicle your cost can jump quite a bit. However if you drive a junker that sucks down gas, you save money. Seems counter intuitive to me to punish”green minded” people. It also seems as it would be close to a wash.

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