OReGO Program Update – March 2016

OReGO Program Update – March 2016

March 28, 2016

The OReGO program has been operating since July 1, 2015. Since then, 1,135 total vehicles have enrolled in the program. As of March 8, 2016, there were 1005 volunteers participating with 924 vehicles. The Toyota Prius is the most frequently enrolled vehicle type followed by the Subaru Outback and the Ford F-150. Most participating vehicles are registered in urban areas, though there is also representation in small urban and rural areas of the state. Enrollments also span across multiple MPG categories.

Enrollment per MPG category:

Under 17 MPG: 237 vehicles

17 to 22 MPG: 316 vehicles

22 and higher MPG: 434 vehicles

Volunteer surveys indicate that the majority of volunteers feel positive about their OReGO experiences. A recent Quality Assurance survey showed that 95% of volunteers understand the purpose of the program and over 90% indicated that signing up was simple and straightforward. More than 70% of volunteers rate their experiences as excellent or good overall.

The OReGO team keeps track of common topics our volunteers tell us about in emails, phone calls and data from survey responses provided by volunteers who leave the program. The team has many other methods to analyze program data and trends as part of daily operations. Such data is extremely valuable as part of our “test drive” and can assist in future decision making for road usage charging efforts in Oregon.

If you have been thinking about trying OReGO but you wanted to wait until successful program operation was verified, please think about giving it a try now. Our current volunteer base is already a strong representative sample, but it is always helpful to increase our experiences as part of a pilot program. Every bit of feedback and experience we receive helps us improve what we offer and informs future decisions and efforts. There’s no long-term commitment, and enrolling even for a brief period of time can help you see what it’s like and help us learn and grow.

Just click on “Sign Me Up!” at the top right of your screen to get started. If you have questions before you jump in, contact us at MyOReGO@odot.state.or.us or 503-986-7827. We’re happy to help.

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