Knowledge is power!

Knowledge is power!

May 26, 2015 | OReGO Communications

Whether it’s asking for a recommendation at a restaurant or something bigger like doing a market analysis before buying a home, we’re always looking for information that empowers us to make better decisions.

Knowing more about our habits and behaviors can help us to streamline our lives and save time and money. And who couldn’t use a little more of both?

The OReGO program includes a number of free and paid add-ons provided by our account managers, and starting July 1, you’ll have the opportunity to select the ones that fit you best.

For example, you’ll be able to see exactly how many miles your vehicle logged each billing period. This basic information alone is a valuable tool that can save you money by enabling better trip planning. Like combining several weekend errands into one trip to cut down on your mileage. Or maybe carpooling with coworkers a few times a week to help reduce your personal impact on the roads and your carbon footprint. Even this basic data arms us with information that can help save time and money.

Some account managers will also offer add-on services that tell you about your car’s health and performance. For example, OReGO volunteers selecting Azuga as their account manager will have access to add-on services such as:

  • Fuel Usage Monitoring — Check how your daily driving habits translate to actual fuel usage and costs.
  • Visual Trip Logs — Detailed trip logs that remember where you’ve been, so you can share info with friends and get there again quickly and easily. You’ll also be able to see details about your trips like duration, cost and carbon footprint.

And later, sometime after July 1, you can select these:

  • Check Engine Light Decoder — Gives you detailed information about what’s really happening with your vehicle when the check engine light goes on.
  • 2MyCar – Forgot where you parked your car? 2MyCar guides you back to your ride using your smartphone with either turn-by-turn instructions or by a straight-line route.

Other OReGO account managers offer their own unique benefits to help you select the plan that works best for you. With the Verizon option, you’ll have the opportunity to couple your account with pay-by-the-mile insurance to provide additional cost savings. And if you prefer just the basics, Sanef offers account management that does not use GPS-enabled vehicle location technology.

Pretty nifty, right? To view the full slate of services offered by all three OReGO account managers, head on over to the Vendor Choice page at today!

4 thoughts on “Knowledge is power!

  1. I heard a few weeks back on the radio that ODOT was looking for people to participate in a study re: driving habits. I drive as little as possible and have tried to find insurance companies that will insure me reflecting the low usage I have for my vehicle. I would like to participate (not receive msgs re: HOW to reduce my vehicle usage) in this study. I thought signing up online would submit my name for that, but instead I’m getting bombarded with SMSs giving me links to inform me how to do that. I don’t need that. I wanted to be an participant in the study to show there ARE people like me, with hopes the laws would change in our low driving favor. Can you please tell me how I can get enlisted for that study? Otherwise, I’m not interested in receiving the SMSs from this.
    (I will be unsubscribing for those SMSs ~ Tuesday June 16th if I don’t hear back in regards to this.)
    Thank you.

  2. George Patterson says:

    According to your calculator, if my car gets 30mpg I end up paying 50% more in taxes to Oregon than my current fuel taxes. And as the government forces higher mileage vehicles on me my percentage of tax increases, not decreases. Why do you think it’s fair for your portion of the cost per mile equation to remain stable when I’m doing everything to lower it. I can’t wait for a ballot measure to kill this!

    • Because the high mileage cars do more damage to our highways while paying less gas tax which is what funds the highway maintenance. The fewer tax dollars to repair our roads the worse the roads get and the more damage to cars.

    • Look at it this way, If no one pays gas tax and roads don’t get fixed, you will pay for the damage and wear to your car. A pothole will break you prius’s axle. Possibly, costing you a lot more that the tax itself.

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