Join the Interest List at OReGO!

Join the Interest List at OReGO!

April 20, 2015 | Michelle Godfrey, ODOT Communications

Hi there. And welcome to OReGO! When you subscribe to our Interest List, you instantly became a part of history. That’s because Oregon is the first state in the nation to establish a road usage charge program to fund transportation, and you’ll be able to say, “I was involved!”

Some of you are interested in participating as volunteers, while others are simply interested in the project, learning more and keeping up on the latest. Either way, we’re glad you’re here!

For potential OReGO program participants: If you’re approved, you will be one of only about 5,000 Oregonians participating in the program to show that OReGO works…for you, for Oregon. Well done! And thanks.

To launch your trek with OReGO, the Oregon Department of Transportation has partnered with trusted and savvy businesses including Verizon, Azuga and Sanef to manage volunteer accounts and provide valuable services. Options? You’ve got ‘em. OReGO will give you power and freedom for epic trailblazing, so when you choose to participate on or after July 1, you get to pick the technology and services that work best for you.

For those interested but not necessarily in participating: By joining the Interest List, we’ll give you information, program stories and behind-the-scenes peeks at the development of OReGO. And after the program launches July 1, the Interest List will be your go-to information resource to learn how things are working, what people are saying, and where it’s headed…in Oregon and in other states, too.

We’re excited to have you along for the adventure — we think you’ve got real pioneer potential. Get your journey started at

One thought on “Join the Interest List at OReGO!

  1. Raymond Fisher says:

    i would like to know some actual facts, how much is this unit going to cost me to install? when i fuel my vehicle am i still going to be paying the per gallon taxes? how is this going to be adjusted? how much is going to be reduced from each gallon of gas i buy? how do i get credit for gas i buy for my off road vehicles? Ray F

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