Cool new features from OReGO Account Manager Azuga

Cool new features from OReGO Account Manager Azuga

October 21, 2015 | Tom Fuller

There are a lot of advantages to participating in the OReGO test drive. Not only are you helping to test out a first-in-the-nation pay by mile program, but you are helping pioneer the future of road and bridge maintenance in Oregon. But what about for you? Well, one of our account managers, Azuga, offers some cool new features free to OReGO participants.

You can get an overview in Tom Fuller’s new video.

Here’s what’s new in a nutshell:


Safe Zones – allow you to set a boundary on a map. Then when your vehicle leaves or enters that space, an email is sent to whomever you want. So let’s say you want to let your significant other know when you’ve left the office in case there’s something needed at the grocery store? Put a safe zone around the office and when you leave, they get an email. Parents could use this to put a safe zone around school to make sure their kids get there safely. The uses are endless and totally under your control.


Voltage Meter

Battery Voltage – shows you the condition of your battery. As your battery ages its voltage drops. Below a certain range and it’s time to replace it. It could also show you if there is a problem with your charging system if suddenly the voltage drops.


EngineHealthEngine Health – so I think this is really cool. Have you ever had your “Check Engine” light come on? I know I have in my F-150. I have no idea what it means and how serious or minor the problem might be. This feature alerts you to a check engine light and gives you the diagnostic code.

Don’t forget about driving scores, badges, trip logs including cost and events (like hard braking or acceleration). For me, I’ve actually witnessed my driving improve. I noticed that I was braking hard at times and when I looked up the locations I realized I hadn’t anticipated some stops. Gentler braking and acceleration not only makes you a safer driver, it also saves gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.

You get all these features for free by volunteering for OReGO. So why not check out our vendors, choose the one that’s right for you and sign up!

3 thoughts on “Cool new features from OReGO Account Manager Azuga

  1. Hi, nice little additions. The safe zone feature seems a little creepy.

    I am having some trouble with the battery voltage indicator. My battery was low when this feature was introduced about two weeks ago. I have since charged the battery (it is now between 12 and 13 Volts). The dashboard still indicates that the battery level is low, even though it has been several days and trips have been logged.

  2. tomfuller

    If it’s all right, Patrick, I’m going to forward this on to Azuga. Hopefully they can troubleshoot what’s going on. You might even call them directly. We really appreciate you helping us perfect all this stuff. Being first sometimes means there are glitches, right?

    • I emailed Azuga support with all the info above and a few more details. I don’t mind being part of a public beta, that’s why I joined the program.

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